It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since the last update.
I’m sorry for such a delay, I was quite busy last half of the year, partly due to the private matters and partly due to transition from ActionScript3 to Haxe.
I will tell about Haxe and why I make such decision later and now I’ll like to announce some  plans for this site.
First, I decided to add a blog section, where I will write about my plans, about games and about programming. And this is the first post:)

Not sure that I would write a lot, at least at first, my main focus is still programming and game design, but I do want to share some minor news or thoughts with those who might care and “News” is not a good place for this.

Second I’ll add a page with soundtracks from my games. People ask me to send them soundtracks from one game or another from time to time and this way it would be easier for all of us :)

Overall I’m going to pay more attention to this site.

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