Coming soon!


Building Rush sequel is finally ready and waiting for release!
Release date is not yet determined, but it would not take long. Stay updated.

There are  lot of new features in Building Rush 2, but overall gameplay stays the same: earn money, expand, earn more money :)

New Features:

  • Improved control of multiple plants – closest plant is selected automatically, but you still can manually select plant in case you need it
  • Helicopters – new shipments option at later levels. Use helicopters to deliver materials straight to the building site. It is costly but much faster.
  • Broken roads and bridges – some parts of the roads are broken, it’s your choice to decide whether spend money to repair it or use the long route, or use helicopters.
  • Special buildings –  buying trucks, helicopters and upgrading plants require certain buildings, and sometimes this buildings need to be repaired first. Plan your actions accordingly.
  • No more money loses when orders are timed out – all orders will be canceled, and order will wait for the shipment if the transport is already on the way.
  • Order completion bonus is revised – now it depends on order patience, and the actual number of deliveries that you made.
  • Game is completely redrawn.


And of course some screenshots:

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